North Penn Service Unit: Breaking News!

Following the  orders of Gov. Wolfe for the Commonwealth ,  all physical events & activities in the NPSU are suspended indefinitely.

Fischer Park Trees

Organized by Cadette Troop 71595

The details for tree decorating are as follows:
12 regular trees
1 large tree in amphitheater (we would like to put ornaments from all
participants on this tree)
-If you would like to participate, please Email Celestin Holmberg. by October 10th.
- Please include troop #, troop Level, and a contact Email
- I will confirm back to you that we’ve assigned you a tree and
things are good to go by October 20th.
- Decorating can be done on Sunday, December 1st-Wednesday, December
4th from dawn to dusk. Please use only handmade ornaments and decorations.
- When you arrive to decorate you may pick any tree that does not already
have something on it. (Some Leaders come and put their lights on earleir in the
day before their troop meets so that might be a claimed tree).
- Make sure all decorations are securely fastened to the trees. Use pipe
cleaners to attach the decoration to the tree to keep it from blowing off.
-We will put up a sign in front of each tree with your troop number and level.
These signs should be up on December 6th.
- The trees should all have lights installed by your troop, and lots of them. Please
string the lights so the male end of the plug is hanging at the bottom of your
tree. We will have extension cords run to the trees for you, once all trees are up.
If you need help with getting lights please let us know as soon as possible so we
can help you out.
- The amphitheater large tree will be decorated with decorations from all troops.
We will be in touch with how to get the ornaments from you.
- All decorations must be removed between January 2nd -4th 2020.

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