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Following the  orders of Gov. Wolfe for the Commonwealth ,  all physical events & activities in the NPSU are suspended indefinitely.

Cookies 2019

Cookie meeting Jan 3, 2019
My Team App  All leaders, and TCM should be on My Team GSEP.  Not only is the chat room very helpful, and all printable forms available, but most importantly this where council will post all up-dated or changeable new/ information.
            eg. The planned and up planned pick up dates are listed under documents.
v Watch dates as old info is not taken down.
v If delivery times for the cupboards are changed due to weather, it will be posted here. You should also get an email notice.
Girls not listed in your troop in abc smart cookies.
1.     Be sure they are in MYGS and confirm that they are listed as Active in the correct troop.
2.     If MYGS is correct but not listed in abc smart cookies the leader needs to waiting until the next cookie system load (Wednesday night). After that, leaders should  contact
3.     Leaders should contact member services to have girls moved/shifted/added.
            In the subject line put “Girl missing in abc cookies”  “ or “girl in wrong troop”. Give as much infor as you can. Correct troop numbers, correct name for the girl… not Patty but Patricia as the girl is listed in  MYGS.
            Your service unit is 565  North Penn Valley.
All questions regarding cookie booths should be directed to Beth Schoening 215-361-1419
Hometown Heroes see page 27 in manual.
1.     Cookies From Home Campaign too successful.  More cookies then USO could handle.
2.     Cookies are always first used to help troop fill orders.
3.     Each troop or a group of troops should contact their Hometown Hero organization to see if they would be willing to accept donated cookies.  Mama on Main Street does not want 138 boxes of cookies!
4.     Know who you are giving the cookies to ---- day care or nursing home would prefer shortbread.  However, the nurses at the nursing home (who do a thankless job) would love mints or any other variety. Most nursing home have quite a few nursing stations and care centers.  Ask for the number when you call for permission.) If you don’t have enough, shot out to other troops.
5.     When you give them, include a note telling the organization -----They are your GS’s Troop’s Hometown Heroes.
6.     IF ALL TROOPS IN THE SERVICE UNIT HAVE NO COOKIES LEFT then  troops can do a Gift of Caring (see page 27)

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